Topher Keefer – Buyer and Leasing Specialist

Topher Keefer approaches real estate like everything else in life, with a positive attitude! He brings out of the box ideas and a fresh perspective to every real estate transaction. Topher uses the latest technology to help buyers find their dream homes and sellers market their properties in new and innovative ways. As a longtime resident of the San Fernando Valley, he is the perfect choice to help buyers find the neighborhood that’s right for them and provide sellers with firsthand knowledge and expertise of their market. Topher is known for providing exceptional customer service. He spent more than 10 years as a country club event planner and service director, working closely with members to plan their dream weddings, celebrity golf tournaments and more. Now, as a member of the Scott Nell Team, he’s bringing that same level of customer care to his real estate clients.

Steve Sax – Commercial Specialist

The majority of Steven Sax 25-year career has been in the service of the Entertainment and Real Estate Industry.
Steve began working in the Entertainment Industry and was an Emmy-award-winning editor at Warner Brothers. Steve then got married and had three beautiful children and his priorities changed. He was missing major milestones in his children’s lives because of crazy hours, and long work weeks, and weekends with uncontrollable hours. Steve bought remodelled and sold houses during the summer hiatus’s but got his Real Estate Brokers’ license as a business decision.
After getting his license instead of buying homes in the summer to remodel and sell, he got inundated by trusted friends and family members asking him to help them buy homes and secure financing for them.
This made all the difference for Steve and was what validated him, and what made him happy. Steve has always been seen as a reliable “go-to” guy for all his friends, and helping all those people find homes and reach their dreams was an incredible feeling.
Business is a marathon, not a sprint, and Steve has a proven track record of being diligent, responsible, focused, committed (in a balanced way), organized, and above all passionate about being a difference-maker in people’s lives. A business and personal relationships can last a lifetime.

“The clients best interest must always come first and foremost.” Steve says, “And arming your client with knowledge puts them in the best position to make the right decision.”

Monica Macias – Transaction Coordinator

As a Transaction Coordinator, Monica Macias is aware of the importance of time management. She has 8 years of Escrow experience and has been a Transaction Coordinator for 5 years. Monica has the experience & knowledge necessary to handle your transactions in a professional, accurate and timely manner. Her attention to detail is her speciality!

Monica’s goal is to help make your transaction a smooth and successful one!

Tom Clary – Listing / Marketing Design

Tom Clary, a Los Angeles native, was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. As a resident Angelean, Tom has intimate knowledge of the Southern California region, which enables buyers to accomplish their goal of finding an amazing property, in the perfect area — and for sellers to market their homes in the most efficient, effective way possible. Tom brings to his clients the ideal combination of passion for real estate along with an extensive business ability in sales, marketing, and expert negotiation skills he gained previously as a producer in the film and television industry. He also has significant artistic talents, with experience in both photography and visual design — both indispensable elements in the successful marketing of properties. He is committed to providing excellent client services to make the process for both buyers and sellers a wonderful experience.