The Scott Nell Team understands how tough it can be to undergo major change in a family. During those difficult times, you and your family needs a real estate agent who listens and understands the emotional and practical aspects of change.

Deciding without the proper guidance and rational consultation can be a road filled with mixed emotion. New beginnings can bring all sorts of negative emotions along; fear, anger, sadness and anxiety. Anticipation of what’s to come does not have to be dominated with negative emotion. Emotional and rash decisions can overpower even the most rational people with illogical thoughts. With a practical plan and grounded advice, the transition phase can become a gentle and even exciting moment filled with promise.

As one of the San Fernando Valley’s most sought-after agents, Scott Nell is known for his commitment to treating his clients like family. Living by the motto of ‘’The truth sells,’’ he understands the needs of his clients during these difficult times of transition. For a variety of reasons, families are in need of relocation; whether it is for fortunate or unfortunate events. Whatever your situation is, Scott Nell and his team will help you through the emotional and practical side of this process. There are many aspects to consider while being in transition. We will be by your side to guide and help you and answer the questions to your concerns. In a time of uncertainty, Scott Nell Team will offer all of our resources to make sure that your transition will be smooth and as easy as possible.

We are connected with great networks and vendors, such as CPA’s, Attorneys, Financial Coaches, and more. Together with our knowledgeable network, Scott Nell Team will be there for YOU in every step of this process!

“The truth sells. I find that when you give people great information and advice, they make great decisions.”
– Scott Nell


”We were so lucky to find Scott and his team through our neighbor and friend. We lived in our home for 39 years and Scott was sensitive and caring through the entire process. His professionalism, suggestions, recommendations and people he had working with him to ensure that everything went smoothly was so comforting and helped us through this challenging time. Scott is the best and I would “highly” recommend him and his team!”
DeeDee – Seller

”We were referred to Scott by a trusted friend and neighbor, and are so pleased that we took her advice to work with him as our listing agent. Selling your home is an emotional event, but also, and most importantly, a business transaction. Scott totally gets this, and helps guide you through the process with professionalism and caring. We highly recommend Scott and his team!”
Debora – Seller