An Emotional and Practical Process

In this emotional time, partners can be left with difficult open-ended questions such as:

1. How much is your house worth?

2. How much are your expenses?

3. Who is on the house title?

4. Whose name is on the mortgage?

5. Will you be able to refinance in your name only?

6. Can you afford to buy your spouse/ex out of his/her share of the house?

7. How do you sell your house?

8. If you sell your house, where will you live and what will be the next steps?

Scott Nell Team is equipped to answer these questions with years of professional experience and expertise. We have a wonderful network of professionals, such as attorneys that are specialized in divorces, and financial advisers who deal directly with these types of issues.

‘’When the going gets rough, it’s important to know who’s in your corner, fighting the good fight alongside you. I believe that Scott and his team do something that most don’t – they put the client before the commission.’’
-Tom C